Tips and Tricks

Challenges and Solutions When Working With Cross Cultural Teams

by Georg Klausner February 10, 2021 Tips and Tricks

Globalization of the workplace is more prevalent than ever. As such, it’s important to recognize how cultural diversity plays a

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Georg Klausner Remote Consultant

How to Make an Impact From a Distance as a Remote Consultant

by Georg Klausner June 13, 2017 Tips and Tricks

In the past, in-person collaboration was seen as the most efficient. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case anymore with

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Georg Klausner presenting a Digital Marketing Strategy for the BMW Group

How to Set Goals and Bring Clarity to Your Business

by Georg Klausner October 02, 2016 Tips and Tricks

The most successful companies are the ones that set goals and take action to achieve them. That is why setting

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