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    The large majority of projects fail to achieve their goals.

    Improper planning, outdated organizational structures, perseverance with inefficient processes, an inability to shift to more modern methodologies –  there are many reasons why a business may be missing its targets.

    If you find yourself struggling with declining sales, missed deadlines, and complex team structures, there are ways to turn your business around.

    Every problem holds an opportunity to be solved.

    Hi, my name is Georg Klausner and I am committed to helping businesses succeed by introducing them to modern and transformative business practices.

    Team enablement: to tackle underperformance and increase team efficiency.

    Agile project management for projects to be delivered within schedule.

    Marketing strategies to increase sales.

    Or perhaps you are looking to take the next steps to grow your business; a deep dive into your culture, sales history, and product line-up will help you come up with data-driven solutions.

    Whatever challenges you are facing with your business, I would love to help you grow bigger and find solutions for you.

    My portfolio includes a wide range of specializations– SCRUM and Agile Frameworks, Process Optimization, Data Analysis, Management Consulting, Digital Marketing Strategies, Mentorship, and more.

    Schedule a free consultation with me and let’s talk about the next steps for your business.

    Structure & Empathy

    Georg Klausner's business services

    Business Consulting

    What are the biggest roadblocks that are stopping your business from unleashing its full potential? I will deep dive into the reasons, break down all the complex processes into simple, implementable solutions, and present to you data-driven strategies to grow.

    IT Project Management

    Enjoy an End-To-End Consultation of your IT projects: Right from defining the project objectives to the strategy, execution, and final delivery of the work, right on the deadline.

    Digital Transformation Services

    In these ever-changing times, if you want to be a successful business – You need to be digital. Friendly UX-UI across all devices, sound SEO, and scalable funnels – Get all this and more by accessing my digital transformation services.

    Recruiting Services & HR Consulting

    I expertly navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and workforce development across borders. With a strategic approach, my services cater to enhancing organizational capabilities by sourcing top-tier talent and providing insightful HR strategies that drive business success.

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    “My passion is to step in, analyze barriers that limit your team’s capabilities, and enable them to deliver on the given strategy.

    Every team set up is individual and therefore a dedicated approach is needed. I envision every company as a unique entity with given constraints and capable people in place.”


    Enterpreneur & Consultant

    About me
    Certified Business Consultant

    I come with a rich experience of 10 years in Digital marketing and have worked with diverse businesses across 11 industries in 7 countries.

    I also hold certifications from Project Management Institute, SEMrush and Google and I am constantly upgrading myself to stay current and relevant to today’s agile business environment.

    Data is key to success

    Analysis of your current status quo is essential to provide accurate solutions.

    I don’t do guesswork – I know how to analyze the data, and I will rely on data-backed frameworks to solve your business challenges.

    International Business Network

    I am passionate about exploring different cultures and I have built a rich international network.

    I fluently speak English, German, and Portuguese, and have been very successful in consulting with companies in Spain as well.

    Remote Business Consultant

    My company works remotely as I feel the reach and flexibility that I get with online services is unparalleled. However, I truly believe in the power of personal interactions and therefore, I am open to setting up in-person meetings!


    Honesty is one of my natural values and this reflects on my work as well – Be it my audit of your company or my proposed solutions, I keep all cards open on the table.


    My processes are completely transparent – I have a system in place for my clients to get to know my work-in-progress updates. You will be well informed about what’s going on at every stage of the process.

    Continuous Learning

    I am a fan of learning and keep myself updated with the latest technologies and systems in the market so that my solutions never become obsolete.


    I build a relationship with my clients so that I can empathize on what their pain-points are. I propose solutions that work best for your company, not just based on what everyone else is following in the market.

    Brainstorming Call

    I start with a brainstorming call with my clients to understand what pain-points they are struggling with, and what their expectations of the outcomes are, so that we are on the same page.


    I then conduct a thorough audit of the situation to understand their company’s current process and systems.

    Data Analysis and Strategization

    Armed with the data from my audit, I work to understand the roadblocks that are causing the problems, and subsequently come up with data-backed solutions.


    With the solutions at hand, I set up systems to execute the strategies. I am actively involved at each stage of the execution, and my ultimate goal is to set up an automated system so that you can replicate successful processes.

    Increased Productivity

    My work speaks for me – I guarantee that you will be seeing a steep increase in productivity with respect to project delivery, team performance, sales, and company culture.

    Objective Audit of your company

    I have an objective and transparent approach, which reflects on my business audits as well. This helps you gain an objective view as to what is working in your teams and what can be better.

    Competitive Leverage

    When you work with me, you have the competitive advantage of knowing how to differentiate yourself from your competition and take the right steps to become a market leader.

    Stay Updated on New Opportunities

    With my international network, I am the first one to know about the latest market trends and changes. Be assured that you will be alerted on any new opportunities for your business.

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